Identify Your Stove

Struggling to identify that wood burner or multi-fuel stove in your living room? Perhaps you have moved into a property and have no record of the appliance you have inherited? Rather than spend hours trawling through the internet trying to match pictures, why not let us help you? Simply email us a picture with as many of the below details as possible and we’ll do the rest. We cant guarantee we can determine an exact model, but there aren’t many stoves our experts can’t ID.

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Useful information to identify your stove.

If you’re needing to identify a wood burner or multi-fuel stove, then the key information you are looking for is…

  • Stove Manufacturer, e.g Aarrow
  • Model Name / Number, Becton 7
  • Serial Number (where applicable), 07T 133

The location of this information will vary depending on the manufacturer, but in most cases, it can be obtained from the stove and/or in the operating and instruction manual that came with the appliance. Most manufacturers now use Serial numbers or have some form of data plate on their appliances – usually hidden from front view. The three more common places these data tags can be found are the sides, rear or undersides of the stoves. These plates will normally give you sufficient information, however, depending on which part you require it may be necessary to ask further questions such as ‘Is it a boiler model’? or ‘Fuel Type’?

Sometimes the information is limited or unavailable, usually on older appliances, or when the stove has been inherited in a property. In these instances, it may be difficult to make a positive identification. Below are some other methods we can use to pinpoint a manufacturer or model. This is not an exact science and information gathered should be taken accordingly.

  • Size of door glass panels (Measuring the whole glass from the inside of the door)
  • Single or Double Door
  • Any distinctive features or markings (e.g Yeoman stoves have a Tudor Rose on them)
  • Approx age of the appliance
  • Casting numbers (But not patent or British standard numbers)
  • Design and layout of Internal components
  • Photographs and pictures

Unfortunately, we are unable to determine the details of a stove from its size.

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