Stove Glass

How to use our stove glass finder

If you are looking for heat-resistant glass for your multi-fuel, oil or wood burning stove, then you have come to the right place. You can locate your glass by finding your specific stove model using the Right Hand menu, or use our handy stove glass finder to the left. Search by manufacturer or enter in your existing glass dimensions and it will calculate the nearest match from the hundreds we have available. ‘Style’ simply refers to the shape of the glass. Is it a straightforward rectangle / square? or is it in some way shaped ie; corners angled, curved top, bowed front? If unsure, leave it empty and it will bring up all related results.

Best practice for measuring your stove glass

Glass measurements need to be taken from the inside of the stove door, and not from the outside – So make sure the stove is suitably cooled before attempting to do so. For straightforward shapes (squares / rectangles and strips) take the horizontal and vertical dimensions. If the glass has shattered or is not present, then approximate dimensions can be obtained by measuring the recess in the door frame.

For arched glass panels, measurements are obtained in a similar way. Measure across the base for the width, for the height measure from the middle of the base to the centre of the arc – the highest point (see pic). For other shaped pieces further information may be required.

We can offer a service whereby glass can be cut to exact specifications. For anything other than square or rectangle pieces we require a template.