How to identify a Morso Stove

As Morso parts specialists, we know how important it is to identify a Morso Stove correctly. Not knowing which model you have can lead to ordering the incorrect parts. In this topic we show you how to identify a Morso stove, so that you can order Morso Spares with confidence.

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How to identify a Morso Stove

Morso have been manufacturing woodburning and multi fuel stoves since 1853. Over this time you can imagine there have been a lot of stove models! So where do you begin when trying to identify a Morso Stove? Well, the first place to look is on the rear of the stove. Most stoves will have a data plaque on the rear. This will detail the model (1), fuel type (4), efficiency (3) and distance to combustibles (2). See example below.

How to identify a Morso Stove.

In this instance it gives several 4 digit numbers. Taking ‘6840’ as an example. The first two digits denote the series model ie 6800. This will correlate to the stove body. The second two digits generally relate to the base option ie pedestal, store stand, cupboard base. These are not normally important for the purposes of ordering internal Morso parts. Failing this, you could also look for the stove data plate. This should have been filled in by the HETAS engineer upon install and left in the property. This could be located around the fireplace, utility cupboard, fuse box or similar.

Morso Animal Range

Another way of identifying certain Morso stoves is to look on the sides for an embossed animal motif. Morso produced a range of cast iron stoves named after animals – most notably The Morso Squirrel – which had a squirrel portrayed each side. There was also a Morso Lion, Dove, Swan. An example of a Morso Squirrel Stove below. The Badger, Owl and Panther did not portray their namesakes. Glass dimensions and how many doors can both be good indicators as well.

Picture showing a Red Squirrel on a Morso Stove

NB: A red squirrel painted on a Morso Squirrel stove. This was painted as a one-off by Rangemoors upon customer request.

Further Help

If after all of this you are still struggling to identify your Morso appliance, then you may need some extra help. This is where we come in. You can email pictures to our team of experts here. Alternatively, here is some more information which might help identify or at least narrow down your search.

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NB: The below is not an exhaustive list and there may be variations within each model. If you click on the models below, it will take you to the associated spares page. Within which, you will find further information and images.

Animal Series – Cast Iron traditional Stoves

O – Series – Steel contemporary Soves (Single Door)

S-Series – Steel contemporary Stoves (Single Door)

Contemporary Tall / cylindrical Stoves (Single Door)

Selected Others (Single Door)