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Morso 1010 Spares

Order your Morso 1010 Spares and replacement parts here. Genuine Morso parts for the 1010 Squirrel including Firebricks, Glass, Fuel Retainer, Rope Seals, Flue Collar, Fixings and much more.If you can’t find the part you are looking for, please email us for more information.

Morso 1010 Spares, Tips and Help

The Morso 1010 is a later addition to the Squirrel family and is often called the 1010 Squirrel. It’s important to note that parts for older models of Morso Squirrel are different and can be found on their respective pages below.

Morso Squirrel Spares – 1400/1410/1430/1440 >> 
Morso 1412 Spares – 1410B/1412/1440B/1442

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Showing 1–24 of 27 results

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