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Morso 1412 Stove Spares - 1410B/1412/1440B/1442

This page allows you to browse and order Morso 1412 Stove Spares. It also covers spares and replacement parts for the 1442, 1410B and 1440B models. As authorized Morso dealers we can offer our customers access to common spares such as  Baffle Plates, Firebricks, Glass, Grate, Fuel Retainer, Rope Seals, Fixings and much more. Available to buy online and delivery to your doorstep.

Morso 1412, 1442, 1410B, 1440B Stove Spares, Tips & Help

The Morso 1412, 1410B and 1442 are the newer version of the Squirrel. Most parts are the same, or similar, except for the tertiary baffle system and firebricks. If you are unsure of the model feel free to compare parts against the earlier Squirrel series here or use the download links below to help. If you cannot find the part you are looking for, or would just like some help, please call/email us. Don’t forget to check our Special Offers & Gadgets Page.

Morso 1410B Spares Diagram
Morso 1412 & 1442 Spares Daigram
Morso 1440 Instruction Manual

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Showing 1–24 of 29 results

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