Warranty on Stove Parts

Warranty on Stove Parts. Are stove parts covered under a warranty?

We are often asked if there is a manufacturers warranty on stove parts and components? Most stove manufacturers will offer a generous warranty period on the body of the stove. However, internal parts such as firebricks, glass, grates, baffles and seals are deemed consumable items. Such parts are not covered under warranty. This is an industry wide policy and not limited to a particular manufacturer. For these reasons, we do not cover consumable items with a warranty. Check your installation / user manual for more details.

Consumables items are expected to wear and need replacing over time. The rate this occurs will depend on many variables, including but not limited to, the following. Incorrect fuel, Over Firing, Over Loading, Harsh Loading, Impact damage, Incorrect fitting and use, Poor maintenance and so on. Over such external factors, manufacturers have no control. Therefore these items are not covered under a warranty.

Can I use my stove with cracked firebricks?

It is not uncommon for firebricks to develop cracks – even early in their life. Where this happens it is not necessary to immediately replace the brick as it will still continue to insulate the stove. In effect it is no different to a join between two bricks. You may well find that a cracked firebrick will go on to give you many years of good service. It is only when a brick crumbles, does not stay in place or exposes areas of the body of the appliance that it needs replacing. Such situations could cause irreparable damage to the stove. Firebricks are not covered by a manufacturers guarantee, regardless of age.

Cracked Firebrick

Why has my stove glass cracked?

Believe it or not, the most common failure for glass is not through impact, but by poor fitting. If clips are over tightened, debris is not removed, or fitted incorrectly then as the glass expands it cracks at the pinch point. Never fix with fire cement. If a crack originates from a fixing point or clip, that is where the fault lies. Stove glass is not toughened. Therefore, if it suffers reasonable impact, it is liable to crack or break. Glass is not covered by a manufacturers guarantee.