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Morso S81 Stove Spares

Browse and order Morso S81 stove spares and replacement parts here. As authorized Morso dealers we are able to supply any parts you might need for your Morso S81 Inset stove – including firebricks, baffle bricks, glass, door seal, gaskets and more. Simply order online and we’ll do the rest.

Morso S81 Spares, Tips & Help.

The S81 is an inset stove which was part of the Morso ‘S’ Series. Below we have listed a few of the more commonly replaced items for the S81. However, if you need something not listed, use the diagram below and we’ll source where possible from Morso in Denmark. Call/Email our Stove Spares experts.

Morso S81 Parts Diagram 

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Showing all 10 results

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