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Aarrow Firebricks / Liner Sets

Aarrow Firebricks are an integral part of the stove set up. Also referred to as Liners, these bricks line the inside of the firebox and protect the body of the stove. All Aarrow Firebricks are now made from vermiculite. If your bricks begin to crumble or fall apart you will need to replace them. This is where we come in. We sell a complete range of firebricks to suit most Aarrow stoves past and present. Start your search by selecting the type of bricks you are looking for.

Aarrow Firebricks Tips & Help

It is normal for firebricks to develop cracks. Should this happen the firebrick is not faulty and does not require immediate replacement. Indeed you may find it continues to provide good service for many years. Only when the brick crumbles or exposes the carcass of the stove does it need changing. Bricks are not covered with a warranty.

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