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AGA Ellesmere 5 Spares

On this page you can order AGA Ellesmere 5 Spares and replacement parts online. Just select the part you require from the list below. Choose from commonly replaced spares including AGA Ellesmere 5 Glass, Firebricks, Baffle Plates, Protection Plates, Rope Seals and more.

AGA Ellesmere 5 Help & FAQ

How to identify your AGA Ellesmere Stove >
AGA Ellesmere Stove Manual (Pre Eco Design) >
Ellesmere 5 Exploded Diagram > 

The Ellesmere 5 is part of the original range and should not be confused with later EC Models (Post 2018). Therefore, If you are unsure which stove you have or need help, please call or email.

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Showing all 8 results

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