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Franco Belge Camargue Spares - 1341009

Begin your search for Franco Belge Camargue Spares here. Popular Franco Belge Camargue replacement parts including; firebricks, flue baffle, glass, rope seal, upgrade kit and more. Available to buy online from Rangemoors.

Franco Belge Camargue Spares, Tips & Help

The internal set up in the Camargue has changed. The shaped back brick and interlocking baffle has been replaced with a new kit. When you come to replace either of the old items a new kit will be required. See diagram below for clarification.

Franco Belge Camargue Baffle Upgrade Kit & Instruction.

The parts listed here are for the 1341009 model. If you have the 1341015 model with side loading door, then please contact us, as internal parts will differ. Similarly, if you cannot find the part you are looking for, or would just like some help, please call/email us. 

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Showing all 13 results

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