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Lovenholm Stove Spares (Cleanburn CB5)

Get your Lovenholm Stove Spares and replacement parts here. Purchase common spares for the Lovenholm and Cleanburn CB5 including; Grate bars, glass, gasket, rope seals, baffles, bricks and more. Simply select the items you need, checkout and we’ll do the rest.

Cleanburn Lovenholm Spares & CB5 Grate configurations

Lovenholm MK1: (Cast Rear Bar) 5 x CNS04013 / 6 x CNS04012
Lovenholm MKII: (Steel Rear Bar) 5 x CNS06002 / 6 x CNS06001
Cleanburn CB5: 5 x HCR06019 / 6 x HCR06020

If unsure, please measure before ordering or check the product descriptions for more info. If you require any advice or assistance please call our spares team.

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Showing all 18 results

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