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Hawk Spares

Our Hunter Hawk Spares section covers both the Hawk 3 and Hawk 4 Stoves. From the earliest MK1 versions right through to the latest CE models we stock the most common components. inc Grate bars, Firebricks, Glass, Rope Seals, Gaskets, Door Catch, Flue Collar, Blanking Plates, Gaskets Operating Tool, and more. We even stock some parts that are no longer available from the manufacturer such as baffles and retainer bars. Choose your model from the list below and order online today.

Hunter Hawk Spares, Tips and Help.

Because identifying Hunter stoves can be tricky, we have devised a helpful Hunter Hawk ID chart below. This will help you determine if you have the Hawk 3 or 4. It also explains the difference between the contemporary (D) or traditional Stove design. This only affected the external design and glass size.

How to identify a Hunter Hawk stove. ID Chart and size guide

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