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Herald 80B Spares (CE & CEVII)

At Rangemoors, we carry a wide range of Hunter Herald 80B spares and parts. So, if your stove needs a part, we are here for you. Online Herald 80B Parts including Grate Bars, Glass, Throat Plate, Baffle, Rope Seals, Gaskets, Door Catch, Operating Tool, Flue Collar, Blanking Plate and more. As the 80B has an in built water jacket, it does not have any firebricks.

Hunter Herald 80B Spares, Help & Tips

With a nominal combined output of over 20kW the 80B is the biggest stove in the Herald range. Complete with in-built boiler, it was capable of warming your hot water as well as your living space. The spares listed below suit the CE / CEVII models.

CE Instructions   CEVII Instructions

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Showing all 20 results

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