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Dovre Vintage 50 Spares

This page allows you to view and purchase Dovre Vintage 50 Spares. Order common stove parts such as Firebricks, Side Bricks, Back Bricks, Baffle, Glass, Door Seals and more. Simply select the Vintage 50 stove part you require and we’ll deliver to your door. This product range will increase in line with demand.

Dovre Vintage 50 Spares and Help

Vintage 50 Instruction Manual
Which Dovre Vintage Stove do I have? 

The Vintage 50 was the largest in the Vintage range. Redirect here for Vintage 30 or Vinatge 35. Unless otherwise stated all parts here are genuine Dovre product. If the part you are looking for is not listed, or you require further help, please contacts us.

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Showing all 10 results

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