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Parkray Roomheater & Boiler Spares - PRE 2007

Start your search for Parkray Roomheater and Boiler Spares here. View replacement parts for the Parkray G, GL, GF, GT, T, Caprice, Chevin, Chiltern, Classic, Consort, Cumbria and Paragon range of fires. For Parkray Stoves after 2007, please see redirect here

Parkray Roomheater & Boiler Spares Help & Tips

The older Parkrays were incredibly popular, especially in council homes across the UK in the 80s and 90s. Although Parkray have officially discontinued this range, Rangemoors still retain many of the common parts for customers to purchase. If you are unsure of your model, use the handy links below or call/email us.

Parkray Help & FAQs

How to identify old Parkrays. Guide Only >
How to identify new Parkrays. Post 2007 >
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