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Stovax Regency Large Spares

Obtaining Stovax Regency Large Spares is becoming increasingly difficult. Here, we list a few common parts inc replacement Grates available to order online. Baffle plates are obsolete, but other parts may be available upon request.

Stovax Regency Large Spares, Tips & Help

Regency Parts Diagram. Similar in appearance to a Franklin stove, the Regency came in 3 sizes; Small, Medium & Large. You can tell the difference by using our size guide below. Parts are limited and subject to availability. If you cannot find the part you are looking for, or would just like some help, please call/email us. Don’t forget to check our Special Offers & Gadgets Page. 

What Size Regency Stove do I have?
Stovax Regency Manual

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