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Chimney Sweeping Equipment

Poly Spiral/Wire Brushes | Sweeping Rods | Chimney Cleaning Logs.

Chimney Sweeping Equipment for cleaning, sweeping and maintaining a healthy flue system. Choose from a wide range of poly and wire sweeping brushes, chimney rods and the hugely popular Chimney Cleaning Log. Chimney Brush sizes include 5″,6″,7″,8″,10″, 12″ & 16″ and are available with either wire or poly bristles – depending on your flue requirements. The larger brushes also have wire loop tops.

An effective chimney is crucial to the performance of your appliance. Moreover, a neglected or poorly maintained flue system could lead to health and safety issues. If in any doubt, please speak to one of our experts or a suitably qualified engineer.

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Showing all 7 results

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