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Town & Country Dalby Spares

If you are looking for Town & Country Dalby spares the you have come to the right people. As authorised dealers of Town & Country Stoves we can supply parts for the Dalby. In time we will have more Dalby parts listed here including Firebricks, Baffles, Rope Seals, Grate, Glass & more.

Town & Country Dalby Spares, Tips & Help

There were three versions of the Dalby Stove; MKI, Smoke Control and ECO.
Dalby MK1 : Riddling Grate; 5 Firebricks – 2 Side, 3 Rear. Different Glass & Rope Kit to other models.
Dalby Smoke Control: Static Grate; 4 Firebricks – 2 Side, 2 Rear
Dalby ECO: Static Grate; Air Tube, 7 Firebricks + 3 Baffle Bricks

Please check suitability of parts carefully before ordering.

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Showing all 5 results

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