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Town & Country Langdale Spares

This is our Town & Country Langdale spares page. Here you will find commonly replaced stove parts and replacement components for the Town & Country Langdale Stove. Choose from Langdale Firebrick Sets, Glass, Grate, Baffles, Rope Seals and more. Not all components are listed here, so do email/call us for items not listed.

Town & Country Langdale Spares, Tips & Help

The Langdale was available as a Standard or Eco Model. It’s important to know which version you have as internal components may be different. The original standard model had 4 firebricks and no tertiary air bar. The Eco model had 8 firebricks (exc Baffles) and a tertiary air bar across the back. Please read descriptions carefully before ordering spares.


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Showing all 6 results

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