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Woodpecker WP5QP / WP5QLS Spares

Here you will find Woodpecker WP5QP and WP5QLS spares and replacement stove parts. Common Woodpecker WP5Q Parts available to buy online from an authorized dealer. Buy replacement parts such as firebricks, baffle, throat plate, glass, rope seals, gaskets and more. Simply select the items you require, checkout and we’ll do the rest.

Woodpecker WP5QP & WP5QLS Spares, Tips and Help.

The spares below are specifically for the WP5QP and WP5QLS models. The P simply denotes pedestal and the LS Log Store. For WP5 and WP5Plus, please redirect here. If you’re unsure of your model, use the check my model link below. If you can’t find the parts you require, simply call / email us for more info.

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Woodpecker Stoves Manual

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Showing all 10 results

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