AFS1020 Throat Plate

£39.26 + VAT


Throat plate suitable for Arley 11, Becton 11 MF, Camborne Medium, Camborne Deluxe Medium, Carrington Medium, Evolution 11, Hamlet 11, Hereford 10, Sherborne Medium and Stratford SF50, SM50, TF50 stoves. Width approx 500mm inc lugs. Please note, there may be more than one style of throat plate for each stove.


For Evolution MF, Becton MF and Stratford stoves prior to 2000 a new brick set AFS1017 may also be required – if not already upgraded. Stoves prior to 2000 originally had ribbed clay firebricks with an angled / sloping top edge which (along with the original baffle) are now obsolete and not compatible with current replacements.

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