Malvern II, Earlswood III Lower Baffle

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Lower Baffle Brick for the ACR Malvern II and Earlswood III Stoves. Genuine ACR Lower Baffle Vermiculite Fire Brick.

Please note: This brick will not fit Malvern I, Earlswood I or, Earlswood II stoves, (All manufactured before Oct 2016)

How to fit ACR Malvern II and Earlswood III firebricks and baffle:

  • Take out the Fuel Guard/s
  • Remove the Fuel Retaining Brackets, left and right
  • This will allow the grate to be removed
  • Raising the baffle, slide one side brick out
  • Lower the baffle and remove.
  • Remove the other side and rear brick as required.

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