Rayburn 355 Firebrick Set

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A complete set of 7 firebricks for the Rayburn 355, 345 and earlier Supreme & Nouvelle Cookers. These are clay refractory bricks manufactured to suit the following Rayburns; Supreme, Nouvelle, 345W and 355SFW solid fuel Cookers. Aftermarket parts, not supplied by AGA Rayburn.

Rayburn Summer Brick set up explained: The 2 Boiler Side Bricks and single Rear brick are often referred to as ‘Summer Bricks’. These are removed in the winter to allow more heat to the boiler. In summer they are correctly placed in the firebox to insulate/reduce the heat to the boiler – hence the name ‘Summer Bricks’. Occasionally, in winter, it has been known for the boiler bricks to be moved across to the oven side to effectively double insulate the oven side. Summer Bricks Explained

A Rayburn 355 Firebrick Set consists of the following bricks:

  • 16271 Front Brick x 1
  • 16272 Oven Side Bricks x 2
  • 16273 Small Front Oven Brick x 1
  • 16274 Rear Brick x 1
  • 16275 Boiler Side Bricks x 2


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