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Coalbrookdale Darby Spares – Non Boiler

Order Coalbrookdale Darby Spares & Replacement Parts online from Rangemoors. Find common parts such as Grate Bars, Throat Plate, Glass, Door Seals, Ashpan, Flue Collar, Tools, Spacer Bar and more. Offering UK wide delivery and selected European destinations.

Coalbrookdale Darby Spares, Tips and Help.

The Darby was a large cast iron stove with ornamental top and was available as a non boiler and boiler version. The spares below are for the non boiler only. For Darby Boiler spares redirect here.  Sadly, because of the age of the stove, some parts, such as the firebricks are no longer available. Can’t find the part you’re looking for? Call / Email us for any parts not listed.

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Showing all 19 results