15mm Self Adhesive Webbing Tape – Per Metre

£1.43 + VAT


15mm wide Self Adhesive Webbing Tape is the ideal product for sealing around stove glass and other joints. The tape itself is a flat fibre glass rope with a self adhesive backing. Depending on your preferences, webbing tape can be used in a variety of ways. It can be folded around the edge of the stove glass, or it can be stuck to the stove door for the glass to bed up against. A third option is to stick it to the glass, although this is less desirable. It is an ideal replacement for the old U-Shaped Channel.

This item is sold per metre. Typical width is 10mm, but can be trimmed to suit.

For further details of how to use Self Adhesive Webbing Tape and fit stove glass use or handy Stove Glass Guide.

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