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Herald 8 CE Spares (Post 2007 inc CE VII)

For the most up to date and current Herald 8 CE spares and replacement parts, simply view below. Online Spares listings for CE & CE VII parts including, Grate Bars, Glass, Firebricks, Throat Plate, Baffle, Rope Seals, Gaskets, Brick Retainers, Door Catch, Operating Tool, Flue Collar, Blanking Plate and more. Order online and have it delivered to your door.

Hunter Herald 8 CE Spares, Help & Tips

The CE versions came onto the market in late 2007 replacing the short-lived MKII. Slight modifications in 2009 saw the CE VII. The spares below cover  standard, non boiler stoves post 2007. For further information please refer to our Hunter ID chart.  

CE VII Instruction Manual

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Showing 1–24 of 29 results

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