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Herald 8 Spares

Looking for Hunter Herald 8 Spares and replacement parts? Then this is the place to start. First we help you identify which version you have, then allow you to view and order parts for your particular model. From the early MKI and MKII Stoves, right through to the current CE and CE VII models, we have you covered. We also cater for boiler and non boiler, wood burning, multi fuel and Slimline versions. The 8 had unique side mounted hinges which wrapped around the side of the stove. This was the case whether you opted for single or double doors.

Hunter Herald 8 Stove Spares Tips & Help.

We know identifying Hunter Stoves can be difficult. That’s why we have put together a helpful Herald ID chart to enable customers to order with confidence. Once you know which version you have, click the model below and start your search for Herald 8 parts; including Firebricks, Grate Bars, Baffles, Throat Plates, Glass, Gaskets, Rope Seals, Flue Collars and much more. What’s more, we deliver direct to your door.

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