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Herald 8 MKII Spares (2007)

The Hunter Herald 8 MKII spares listed below are for the non boiler version. For MKII boiler models, please redirect here. Choose common MKII spares including Firebricks, Grate Bars, Glass, Baffle, Recouping Baffle, Tool, Gasket, Rope Seals, Flue Collar and more. Order online today for home delivery.

Hunter Herald 8 MKII Spares, Help & Tips

The MKII version marked a transition period in the stoves history. Production was limited to early 2007, before the CE versions superseded later in the same year. The most notable change was the introduction of a brick baffle. (This was replaced by a steel plate HHR08170). If you’re not sure which version you have, please check our Herald ID chart here. Alternatively, please call or email us for further assistance.

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Showing 1–24 of 31 results

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