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Stanley Superstar Solid Fuel Spares (inc Donard)

This page is dedicated to Stanley Superstar Solid Fuel Spares and parts. Here, we cover all components for the Superstar and Donard solid fuel cookers. Including, Grate Bars, Grate Frames, Lid Hinge Brackets, Thermostats, Ashpan, Tools, Fire Bar Connecting Link, Door Handles and more. Select the parts you require and we’ll deliver to your door.

Stanley Superstar Solid Fuel Spares, Tips & Help

The parts listed here are specifically for the solid fuel models. If you have a gas or oil Superstar redirect here. The Superstar was the most popular solid fuel cooker Stanley produced. Later renamed as the Donard, this cooker offered central heating and cooking capability.

Donard / Superstar Parts List

Showing 1–24 of 32 results

Showing 1–24 of 32 results

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