Stove Top Cookware Set

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Create meals, appetizers and tasty treats on your stove, with this handy Cookware set. Neatly sized, they will sit perfectly on your wood burning or multi-fuel stove. In addition to that, they will work just as well on a ceramic or induction hob, and they are even grill and oven safe. Manufactured from cast iron, they are both robust and durable. A handy little cooking set for stove owners. Save on your electricity bills with this handy cookware set.

Always read the instructions and use responsibly. We recommend the use of heat resistant gloves / stove mitts when using and allowing them to cure before use. Not suitable for microwaves. 

Stove Cookware Set Contents and Dimensions

1 x Circular Skillet; 200mm Diameter,  Height 40mm

1 x Round Stock Pot; 140mm Diameter,  Height 80mm

1 Enamelled Casserole Dish; Length 250mm, Width 150mm, Height 40mm

1 Square Skillet; 200mm x 200mm H 40mm

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